Saturday, February 19, 2011

Heart & Soul - February's layout of the month.

I think it is obvious that my sort of New Year's resolution of getting my layouts done earlier, just did not happen this month. I am blaming it on being in a winter funk. I am SO ready for Spring that I am tempted to get in the car and start driving south until I find some warm weather and sunshine. Maybe I would do it to if I did not have to drive through Buffalo which probably has snow piled up to the roof line still. I wonder how many geese it would take to carry me off south?

I did however lock myself up in my scraproom, stayed off of the computer, did not do any housework or work on any of my business projects. I stayed completely away from any books as they are my biggest source of distraction and I actually got February's layout finished. No applause required but you don't all have to scream " about freakin time!" I can hear you from here. LOL

Since the month of February hosts the day set aside for celebrating LOVE, I thought I would do a quasi Valentine's layout. I am not much into mushy stuff or super sweet sentiments and cutesy isn't my thing either. I think you all know that about me by now. So here is my take. I did put my Heart & Soul into it.

First class will be this Wednesday February 23rd at 11:30am. The weekend class will be scheduled for the first available date and I will update this post as soon as I have it.
You will need to bring your Basic Tools, including scissors, craft mat and ink applicator if you have it. There is a fair amount of die cutting involved so if you have a BigShot, it would certainly help to move the class along. Hope you gals can make the class. Anyone interested should call the store and reserve your spot. You can bitch at me about not having the layout ready earlier during the class. I promise, next months will be posted way before the class. I am starting it tomorrow (Sunday Feb 20th)!