Saturday, June 30, 2012

What are you doing this Holiday weekend?

Do you have one of those chores that seems to never have an end in site? For me it has been my scraproom. I don't know why but the more I work on it the less I seem to have accomplished. The problem is I have too much stuff. There it is, I have said it. I have too much stuff. My husband John came to this conclusion long before I did but has been surprisingly quiet and patient about it. To be honest, my stash extends outside of my craft room. Yes Joyce I hear you, in reality it is in every room of the house. LOL I would take pictures but it is too embarrassing.
This week I finally made head way. I edited tons of stuff that I will be putting up for sale soon. I have found homes for what I want to keep and I have almost found my table tops and my floor. Today I hope that the final push will get me a clean and uncluttered room. I may need to do a wee bit more editing and I still need to find and hang a couple of these little shelf storage things (I know they are in the room somewhere, I must have another black hole as I have been searching for them all week). The goal is to be able to find everything I want to use quickly and easily and create something DAILY.  I need to do this to make a dent in the stash and to, let's face it, justify the time and energy I have put into accumulating it and storing it. Never mind the expenditure. My goal is to refrain from shopping as much as possible. I know that is not good for the economy in the short term but eventually with some of the money I save, I can do a little home repair or buy that new sofa. I just don't need more magazines, adult impulse items from that nasty old M's, more paper (unless it is Halloween as I only have enough for this lifetime), and I definitely don't need more buttons or flowers. Maybe when all the clutter is cleared I will challenge myself to use some of those buttons and flowers on a project and see just how many I can use. Feel like playing along? Pick a couple of overstocked items in your stash and find a project where you can use them up.

Now what am I doing this weekend? Sunday Joyce is coming over. Mostly to play but I think partly to inspect my work. She has been pushing me all week to get it done. I want to surprise her by actually having it done so we can easily get to creating, watching movies (I want her to watch the Forks Over Knives DVD) and eat some vegan concoction I have yet to decide on. My goal is to get my Canada Day layout finished and up on the blog by end of day Monday.

Wow, that was a big long rant. OK, time to stop procrastinating. I can hear the clanking of dishes which means John is working and I am sitting in front of the computer rattling on.
Hope everyone has a great Canada Day weekend.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June's Layout of the month...

Vacation Destination. Whether the beach for you is someplace tropical or a walk along Toronto's boardwalk, this layout will work for you. I designed it to host 3 - 4x6 photos and 1 4x4. I had little white "photos" on the layout but they bothered me so I took them off. Interfered with my page elements. :-)

The layout itself is very simple but all the elements may be a bit fussy but not complicated. It is mostly stamping, some of which gets cut out. Nothing is difficult and for those new to the group, don't freak out. We will get you through it.

One of the best things about this layout for me is that I got to use stamps that I have not used for many years along with some new ones and some faves.
Students are asked to bring their basic tool kit including adhesives and foam pop dots.
All other stamps, dies, inks etc will be provided.
Those interested are asked to confirm you spot with me if you have not done so already.
Class is Wednesday June 6th at 10AM at Margaret's house. Cost is $25