Monday, June 20, 2011

100 Days of Summer.....

First Day of Summer is this Tuesday June 21st. Kids will be out of school soon if not already and hopefully there will be lots of leisure time for everyone. So what fun and exciting adventures will you get up to this season?
Whatever you do, make sure to take lots of pictures so that you have lots to scrapbook.
I love the colors in the 100 Days of Summer collection by Simple Stories. I have maxed out the vintage feel by combining the patterned papers with bright blue, red and gold cardstock and just a wee bit of stitching using the WRMK sewing tool to make the flower stems. I have even created designated picture spaces to accommodate 3"x4" vertical prints & a 5"x7" horizontal picture (just in case you want to bring photos with you).

First class is this Wednesday June 22ND at 11:30AM at Scrapalicious with a 
second class on Saturday June 25th if you are staying in town this weekend. 
There is a fair amount of Quickutz dies used so bring your BigShot machine 
(or Epic) along with your basic tool kit. I recommend that you also bring your Xyron sticker maker as this tool makes adhering your title a lot easier.

I am also planning on making a couple of cards with some of my leftover paper. 
Hopefully I will get those done today and posted before Wednesday's class.
Scrapalicious is closed on Monday's. 
You can email me and/or call the store to reserve your spot.
If you are thinking about taking Saturday's class, please try to book your spot before 3PM on Friday. Saturday classes often get cancelled in the summer if I don't have at least 3 or 4 people registered.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The best thing about cleaning up your scraproom is....

All the cool stuff you find. My goal today is to finish cleaning and reorganizing my scraproom. I spent most of Sunday working on it instead of being out in the sunshine. I know, I know... I should have worked on it during all those rainy days we had in May but I just couldn't get to it. I did have the window open and my fan going and it was nice though. It is funny how one makes a bigger mess in the process of cleaning up. Hopefully I can bring myself to do all the editing I need to do. I have too much stuff. Yes, seriously. I buried that statement in the middle of the paragraph in case my husband John decides to look at my blog. He might skim over that statement and he will never know that I have actually admitted it.

It was my intention to let go of my scraproom being in my second bedroom and moving it down to the basement. Good thing my girlfriend Joyce was over to give me a reality check. If it took this long to get to working on my scraproom, when do you think I will get around to the basement? This year? Ahhhhhhhhh, hmmmm, maybe.
So I need my scraproom to be functional. When it is clean and organized I am more likely to go in there and create. Clutter kills the urge. Have you experienced this or are you one of THOSE people who clean up as you go and never have anything out of place? You are probably one of those scrappers who only buys what they need for right now too. LOL. I am a bit of a hoarder. I can get easily distracted too. The good thing is that once I have decided to do something, I go at it with a vengeance. Thus, the cleaning and reorganizing of my scraproom. I promise I will post pictures once I am done. I expect comments BTW. I need the positive reinforcement so that I can keep the momentum up and possible work on a couple of projects. Maybe even June's class layout.

So, I am obviously not working on my room if I am blogging so I better go make myself some tea and get back at it. Might even check to see if there is some mail as I think I heard the mail carrier at the boxes.
Come back later for the progress report.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Inspiration and project ideas for the summer.

First of all, I must share this Calvin and Hobbes cartoon. If you know me, you know that I am a last minute gal. Always have been and probably always will be. I know that some of you may find this troublesome at times, especially if you are waiting for me to post my class project. At 50+ years of age, I guess I could change but I am however not likely to. It is my thing, we all have at least one, this is mine. :-)

What can I say?

Now, just so you know, I am always thinking about possibilities. I have lots of ideas running around in my head but few are for 12x12 layouts. Foremost on my mind is all things mini and exploring some new techniques. ATC's and tags and packaging and even some mini albums. I need to make some play time and see what I can come up with. I will however do one more 12x12, 2 page layout for June. Not sure what my theme is going to be yet but it is on my to-do list for this week. Now before you get all excited, go and read the first part of this post again. I am a last minute gal and I have not picked out a date for the class yet. I am getting to it. I am also getting to my garden and my basement, eventually.