Monday, June 6, 2011

The best thing about cleaning up your scraproom is....

All the cool stuff you find. My goal today is to finish cleaning and reorganizing my scraproom. I spent most of Sunday working on it instead of being out in the sunshine. I know, I know... I should have worked on it during all those rainy days we had in May but I just couldn't get to it. I did have the window open and my fan going and it was nice though. It is funny how one makes a bigger mess in the process of cleaning up. Hopefully I can bring myself to do all the editing I need to do. I have too much stuff. Yes, seriously. I buried that statement in the middle of the paragraph in case my husband John decides to look at my blog. He might skim over that statement and he will never know that I have actually admitted it.

It was my intention to let go of my scraproom being in my second bedroom and moving it down to the basement. Good thing my girlfriend Joyce was over to give me a reality check. If it took this long to get to working on my scraproom, when do you think I will get around to the basement? This year? Ahhhhhhhhh, hmmmm, maybe.
So I need my scraproom to be functional. When it is clean and organized I am more likely to go in there and create. Clutter kills the urge. Have you experienced this or are you one of THOSE people who clean up as you go and never have anything out of place? You are probably one of those scrappers who only buys what they need for right now too. LOL. I am a bit of a hoarder. I can get easily distracted too. The good thing is that once I have decided to do something, I go at it with a vengeance. Thus, the cleaning and reorganizing of my scraproom. I promise I will post pictures once I am done. I expect comments BTW. I need the positive reinforcement so that I can keep the momentum up and possible work on a couple of projects. Maybe even June's class layout.

So, I am obviously not working on my room if I am blogging so I better go make myself some tea and get back at it. Might even check to see if there is some mail as I think I heard the mail carrier at the boxes.
Come back later for the progress report.

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