Friday, May 29, 2009

Piece/Peace Movement

This may be a weird idea or it may be something good. Don't know unless I give it a try. I want to start a Piece/Peace Movement. Wait, don't go running down to the basement to see if you still have that pair of bell bottom pants or that string of beads you (or your parents) wore back in the 60's unless of course you are going to use it as artist material. I don't want to stage "Love Ins" unless scrapbooking or crafting is involved. No artificial mood enhancers required. What I do want to do is share a little piece/peace with others through a piece of art that I and hopefully you create. Here is what I have in mind. Create a piece of art. It could be a scrapbook page, a card, an altered object that you have put a little piece/peace of yourself into. Think about what Peace means to you and how you achieve it in your life. Create a piece of art. Not a paper artist? Doesn't matter. Use whatever medium you want and then post it so others can share your peace/piece. The idea is to spread peace around. Do something that makes you feel good and share it with others. The key here is to share your peace/piece with as many people as possible.
You never know, maybe this whole Peace thing will catch on.

Remember to post a link to your artistic endeavors in the comment section. We all want to participate in your Peace Work.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A random selection of pics...

from the "25 Random things about me" album.

I must say that posting pics is not always the joy I wish it would be. Once they are up, I am happy for the most part.
As you can see I have used a variety of Quickutz, Sizzix and SpellBinder dies. A few stamps, some stitching, colouring pencils, masks, ink and a wee bit of bling. Attend the class and you can use these on your pages too.
You need to bring to class your list of random things about you and some imagination. Don't forget your tools and some of those embellishments you have been hoarding!
Again, it is this Saturday May 30Th at 1pm.
Scrapalicious 905-614-0085

Sunday, May 24, 2009

25 Random Things about Me...

Is an album class I am doing this upcoming weekend at Scrapalicious. It was inspired by a BLOG post of Kelly Goree's and I just ran with the idea. I am a wee bit behind which should be one of the 25 things about me, that I often run short of time but that I work well under pressure.
I should have pics up on Monday, a preview of what is in store. Those wanting to attend should get together some of there embellishment stash. I have been rummaging around in my goodies to decorate my pages and it feels good to use some of my older stash. It is amazing just how much stuff I/we have.
There will be lots of stamps, Quickutz and even some new Sizzix dies available for use in the class. Bring your basic tools and your die cutting machine if you have one.
Remember, the store is closed on Monday so call Tuesday to reserve your spot. 905-614-0085

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rushin Poulet

I have a bit of a twisted sense of humour and I like word play. Thus this comic strip.
A few years ago when I first started scrapping and got in to Quickutz in a big way, I added the Funky Chicken die shape to just about everything. I soon became known as the "Funky Chicken lady". I came across this picture of a comic strip I did and thought it would be fun to share again. I have ideas for many more Funky Chicken Strips but they will just have to wait. There are more pressing projects these day. As usually I am behind in getting my class stuff done and pictures up loaded. :-)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Sizzix Album dies have arrived!

**** UPDATE***
It Works!!! I know, no good without pictures but I am trying to pack up my crap so I can go and scrap with my girlfriends today. I cut a pair of covers out of my brightly coloured placemats and it was just like cutting through paper. Now I am thinking about what else I may try. I may even go back to the Dollarama to see what other brightly coloured placemats they have. I see mini album madness settling in. LOL

Now I need to cut up those placemats and chipboard and grungeboard and show you all why I had to have them. First things first, I need to pack up for today's class at Scrapalicious if only to find a spot on my table so I can do all this die cutting. When I get back from my class, I will post some pics of the pieces. Then I just may tackle the challenge I posted on NSD to do a layout with my older stash. Anyone else playing along?

I have also posted info about the Warehouse sale - Look to the right.
I am lucky enough to work here but even I am excited about this sale. Now ladies, there is tons of stuff for sale here, it is a BLOWOUT sale so expect to find some older stuff but there is lots of relatively new stuff available as well. Just not the latest stuff, that you need to go to your LSS for.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

What a Hoot

Finally I have mastered the highly technical skill of uploading images. I managed to take the picture, upload it on to my computer, save it to a place where I can actually find it and get it all posted right here on my BLOG. I am slowly acquiring the skills required to participate in this millennium. LOL

So "What a Hoot" is also my May 16th class at Scrapalicious in Mississauga, ON. Those of you interested in attending my class can call the store at 905-614-0085. (Link to the store can be found on my Blog under Stores) I believe it is at 1pm-3pm.

I have used Prima's "Mommy & Me" papers along with Bazzil cardstock, Quickutz dies and cork paper, punches and Tim's Distress Ink and some Glossy Accents.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rainy days are good for creating...

It is raining and so I cannot get distracted from what I need to accomplish today by doing yard work or going on an adventure. I must get working on class projects, I am soooooo behind! First a couple of small chores, food is a necessity after all. I must pick up a little something for Mom and then make her a card at some point in the afternoon. My projects must get done today as tomorrow Mom and I are doing my favourite tradition, it is our Mother's Day lunch at the Globe Inn. Just me and her and it is a nice enjoyable day for the two of us. We are not rushed, lots of time to talk and then window shop afterwards. Hopefully we will be done with the rain today and have a nice spring day on Sunday.

Watch for my class posting later this weekend. It will get done!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Totally Tools.

A conversation with another scrap artist today has made me stop and think about my tools. I guess there is an assumption that most of us have the same "basics". Well, maybe that just isn't so. For instance, since I have Quickutz and I use them on practically every layout, I have the Xyron Sticker makers. In 3 sizes I might add. Now I would have thought that if you used die cuts then you must be using the sticker makers. Apparently not so. So my question is, What is in your "must have" tool box? What tools could you not scrap without?
For me, my tool box includes: Quickutz and both the Squeeze and the Revolution. I own other die cutting tools but those have not become staples yet. Of course the Xyrons, my Fiskars Micro Tipped scissors, STAMPS and therefore acrylic blocks and therefore VersaFine, Archival ink and most assuredly Tim's Distress Inks. It goes without saying that if you have Distress Inks then you must have Tim's ink blending tool. You just can't have one without the other. Certainly not last or least is my trimmer. I have tried several and have decided that Tonic's large base guillotine trimmer suits me just fine. It is big and bulky and not always a joy to take to crops but it cuts a true 90 degree angle when most others do not. When I have all my bits and pieces cut and ready to stick down, there is only one tape runner. Kokuyo. I LOVE the red one best but the blue one runs a close second. I like that it sticks and sticks well and permanently. It doesn't get all gummed up or roll back in on itself.
I have other tools, lots of them in fact but they are not my constant companions, at least not yet. Tell me what is in your tool box, maybe I will find something new to play with.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Brightly coloured placemats...

and future scrapbooking material.
I have a Dollerama that I frequent when I meet up with my Mother for coffee. She is a true addict that goes there for everything from hand soap to CD's. I tag along as I can usually find something even if it is only a chocolate bar (which I don't need) or baseball card sheets to store my small stamps in (which I do need, and lots of them).
Today I found some brightly coloured place mats made out of vinyl or acrylic which I plan to die cut into album covers with the new Sizzix album dies I am expecting to get sometime this week.
I hope they work for this purpose otherwise I have an assortment of brightly coloured place mats that will live their lives as brightly coloured place mats a nice and functional existence but hardly the exciting and socially superior life they could live if they were mini album covers.
Cross your fingers the album dies come in as I have been anxiously awaiting these since CHAW09 in January. As soon as I have them home I promise to die cut my brightly coloured place mats and post a picture of my successful results. (Note optimism)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's National Scrapbook Day!

It's Just Paper but I feel compelled to collect it. I will admit it, I have NO willpower when it comes to paper. I see it, I want it, it drives me crazy until I get it and then eventually it finds its way home and occasionally some of it gets used. Certainly if I scrapped every day (which I don't) it would take me several lifetimes to use what I have. The rational side of my brain knows this and yet, I see more paper shopping in the near future. LOL
So I am posting a challenge for myself and for those of you with a similar affliction. Make something, anything but you must use paper and other products from your stash that is at least 2 years old. If you have a BLOG post your creation and then let me know you have accepted the challenge. No Blog? I am sure there must be a way to post it here with your comments but don't ask me how. It is all I can do to get my own stuff on here. Together we will figure it out. Points go to the person who is able to use the most items from their "old" stash. I will post mine sometime this week. I am thinking I have some very bright and funky Junkitz papers and a tonnage of chipboard I may use. Have fun and enjoy creating this weekend.