Sunday, May 3, 2009

Brightly coloured placemats...

and future scrapbooking material.
I have a Dollerama that I frequent when I meet up with my Mother for coffee. She is a true addict that goes there for everything from hand soap to CD's. I tag along as I can usually find something even if it is only a chocolate bar (which I don't need) or baseball card sheets to store my small stamps in (which I do need, and lots of them).
Today I found some brightly coloured place mats made out of vinyl or acrylic which I plan to die cut into album covers with the new Sizzix album dies I am expecting to get sometime this week.
I hope they work for this purpose otherwise I have an assortment of brightly coloured place mats that will live their lives as brightly coloured place mats a nice and functional existence but hardly the exciting and socially superior life they could live if they were mini album covers.
Cross your fingers the album dies come in as I have been anxiously awaiting these since CHAW09 in January. As soon as I have them home I promise to die cut my brightly coloured place mats and post a picture of my successful results. (Note optimism)

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