Sunday, May 9, 2010

Be You

Sometimes I think I am loosing my mind. I had this layout finished for the May class a few days ago but could not find my camera. I knew I had it recently so it had to be in the house. I searched high and low and then high and low again. Then I panicked a little, took a break and then looked again. It was hiding in plain sight on top of some knitting I had pulled out to work on. Hmmm. Made myself just a little crazier. Oh well, I have it now and I have pictures of May's Layout of the Month.
Now if I could only master the technology and get this up on my blog the way I would like it, I would be a very happy gal. :-)

Looks like as we approach the summer months that demand for evening and weekend classes is down and for weekday classes is up. For now I can accommodate but for how long I do not know. If you are wanting an evening or weekend class, let me know. I am keeping the Saturday class on the schedule and the Wednesday evening class but it seems as if the Wednesday classes will be held during the day from11:30 to 1:30. This next class is being offered on Wednesday May 12th at 11:30AM BUT if you want an evening class you need to let me know ASAP.
Call Scrapalicious and reserve your spot. 905-614-0085

Watch for updates as I may be offering extra Wednesday day classes throughout May.

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