Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Laptop

Just had to post.
It took me a few weeks to make a decision to splurge on a laptop and I think I asked everyone and anyone for their 2 cents on what to buy in my price range. This decision may have taken more thought and energy than the purchase of my house. LOL

It took me a bit to get the wireless router in my house to acknowledge this computer but I persevered and got it done all on my own. Let's see how that works out when I take it out and about with me.

My next challenge is to get Open Office up and running. If you are not familiar with this free software and you do not have another Office package on your computer, I highly recommend it. Find the free download at
It is compatible with Windows office so if you want to share spreadsheets etc. you can.

I am off to CHA next week to check out all the new products. It is my intention to post as much as possible each night but if I get invited to a party, I might have to skip a night.

With any luck I will get my August layout up before I go, again that will depend on how much time I have this week. There is always lots to do with starting a new business. People to call, appointments to make, technology to master.

See you back here soon.

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