Monday, July 2, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

I stuck to my guns and got her done. It feels good to finally see the floor and the tables and to greatly reduce the clutter factor in my scraproom. I promise to take pictures and post them. Yes, I still have too much stuff but I am going to work may way through it. I may even find more stuff to purge. My intent is not to buy new stuff until I have used up a good portion of what I have. Having said that I have created my wish list for new Sizzix dies but they don't ship until September and I am going to have this amazing burst of creative energy and create a ton of stuff between now and then. I think with my new whole food plant based diet I am going to find a ton of energy because I will have slept more and will not be dragged down by all that crap food I have been eating.  So far I have cut out beef and pork, reduced my chicken by half, cut out most dairy and have eaten more vegetarian meals. John is on board too so that makes it easier. I think by the end of ths week I will have cut out the chicken and fish too. I will let you know how it goes.

OK, time to create.  See you back here tomorrow with that Canada Day layout.

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