Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years Everyone!

So keeping up with my BLOG hasn't been high on my priority list. I keep thinking I am going to be better at keeping it up to date but so far that just hasn't happened. I have great intentions but I do get side tracked easily what with life and all. Now only if I could win the lottery, hire a maid, a chef and a personal secretary I would be all set. I may even get my class layouts done and posted in a timely fashion. LOL
Realistically, I am going to work on getting my class layouts up earlier, make it a priority. I have lots of ideas that if I can tear myself away from all the time wasters in my life (i.e. TV and FarmVille) I should have great classes to offer this year. In order to get these projects done I must first and foremost make my scraproom a more work friendly space. Yes, I must clean up my room and organize my stuff. I am not posting pictures of how it looks now, I am sure all of you know what an extremely cluttered room must look like. You may have one of these yourself. If not, imagine someone with too much stuff all crammed into a small room that was meant to be a bedroom not a warehouse for scrapbooking supplies. I am going to admit here but I am counting on you to not tell my husband John, I do have too much stuff. It is not that he isn't aware of the fact that I have too much stuff, he does have working eyes. It is just that I have not said those words out loud to him as I am afraid he would say "STOP bringing more stuff home, enough already!".
I do have too much stuff. It has now been said for all the world to read. Our collective secret. Now I am going to go and do something about it and maybe post a picture of the finished results. Of course that will depend on me remembering how that is done. Now, you go do something useful too. See you back here soon.

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  1. And if anyone wants to really know what it looks like I'm sure for a small price - chocolate would do- I could be persuaded to get them a picture. For now though I haven't been bought.