Friday, February 5, 2010

Best in Show

Ok, I am still slow at getting around to posting on my blog. I don't know if I need more time or energy or both. Still, it is not too late to post about what I feel was Best at Show, CHA-W'10 that is. Go get a coffee and hand off the kids to your partner and be prepared to be here for a few. I just may have gotten carried away.

I think it is best that I break it down in to categories. Let's have a look at my Top Dogs (yes, every pun intended) as I believe these are definitely worth highlighting.

  1. Best Dies/Die cutting System This has to be Sizzix with their partnering up with Tim Holtz to come out with some very unique dies. If you haven't seen them yet, you must not be a blog follower of Tim Holtz as he has had them up on his blog , a few at a time, since late December. They all are typical Tim Holtz which means that they are definitely not cute,but they are innovative - especially the On the Edge dies and they will all be staples in your scrapbooks or mini albums or tags or whatever for many years to come. The best thing about most of them is that they will cut through most of the materials we use in our projects like Grungeboard, chipboard, fabric, acrylic and of course paper. The only exception to this are the 3 Sizzlet dies. These are the filmstrip, ticket strip and the Alphabet dies. Best of all, these dies will work in the BigShot and the Cuttlebug and I believe the Quickutz Epic. Iif you are a Tim Holtz groupie, you may want to also get his new die cutting machine that will be available this summer. I didn't actually see this machine in action as there was only the prototype at the show. What I do know is that it looks like a suitcase and the sides come down much like the way a Cuttlebug's sides come down to reveal the opening. Still for me the best die cutting tool on the market is the BigShot. It does everything, is totally reliable and Sizzix stands by their product. While in this category, I must say that the new Tim Holtz Alteration Texture fades redefine the embossing folder. You get two folders in a pack and may I challenge you not to get them all. I know I will be. Check out Tim Holtz's Blog for pics.
  2. Best Embellishment Well at least one of my favourites from the show. I am sure that over time I may discover others but right now I must say that I am seriously liking Zutters new Hang it Alls. These come in a 2 pack - two hooks and two loops, and fasten to your projects using their rivet fasteners. These are great for projects you want to hang on the wall, are easy to install and look great. Check out the Bind it All website for pictures and samples. I did a quick little make n take using them and of all the make n takes I did, this one actually sold me on the product.
  3. Best stamps Now this one is a very hard category to choose an absolute winner. Those of you who are familiar with my style are aware that I like to stamp on just about everything. I do have lots of stamps in my collection and will be getting quite a few more in the next little while as I found more Must Haves to add to my collection. The ones that stick out in my mind most though are those from Glitz Designs! They are Big and Beautiful and Distressing. Here is one of the many stamps that I cannot wait to get a chance to play with. If you want to see all of the stamps and the new releases go to the Glitz Design website. I think this is definitely a company worth checking out as they have more than just great stamps.
  4. Best Altered Item This could also be the Best Storage Item as well. It is KaiserCrafts new storage unit. This new addition to their Beyond the Page product line is another one of those Must Do projects just like last summers release of their Advent Calendar. It is a nice little set of drawers, 3 rows of 3 made of chipboard and housed in an MDF board frame. Each box is approximately 4"x4". This project will be much easier to assemble than the advent calendar so for those of you who made one of those for Christmas, be assured, this one will be much easier to assemble. (BTW, I did mention to them that having the full instructions available at the same time as the product hits the shelves would make us all a wee bit happier). Check out their awesome website for pictures of this item and the many other new releases. I love KaiserCraft and they have the best website and Blog. I follow them on Facebook too. Did you know that they do Digi as well. Go spend some time on their website (after you finish up here).
  5. Best Paper Collections This is the hardest category to pick a favourite. There are a few releases that I can't wait to play with (and hoard) and some that were beautiful but not my style. Since I have so much paper in my stash I have decided that I wasn't going to get too carried away with bringing home paper this year, at least not until I either use up some of what I have or make a donation of some of it. Let's just see how well that goes. LOL I got to tell you the buzz was all about My Mind's Eye's Lush Collection. This is certainly the way to celebrate their 10th anniversary. This is the kind is the kind of paper that you need to buy in multiples. You will want some for now and some to stash away in your collection to pull out weeks, months and years from now and include it in your projects. This is a timeless collection that you will just have to see in real life to get just how beautiful these are. Some of these papers are double sided and others are embossed velvet and worth hanging on your wall as art. The best part is that they are all very nicely priced so the only sticker shock you will experience will be in a good way. While you are on the My Mind's Eye website, have a look at their other new releases. There is lots to love here so look around. Another top contender is Basic Grey's Basics collections. Now you know I have to have this all being the Basic Grey freak that I am. Just so you know, I will probably get a full pack of each of these papers (I know, you are thinking I need to donate my old stuff to you to make room for all of this. Not happening! LOL). I am thinking these papers just may be my new cardstock. Check them out here and see if you feel the same. It just so happens that I have a few Basic Grey papers in my stash dating back to when I first started scrapping. I am already scrapping in my head how I will be mixing the old with the new and just possibly some of the new Basics with some of Basic Grey's other new releases. Don't know if I can pick a favourite from the other new four releases but right on top is Capella. No, maybe it is Max and Whiskers. Hard choices. Can I pick just one? Can You? Go back to their website and have a look. Once you are done there, you might need to go and check out Bo Bunny. There is something for everyone from Bo Bunny. I must say that Mama-razzi is my favourite as this colour palette of blues and greens and orange is just where I am at right now. For those of you who actually go on vacation and like theme papers, this is the company to be looking out for at you LSS. Of course there is lots of pretty girly stuff and lots of colour to be found in the 6 new releases. I must say too that the Big Pink Bag I was given is going to get tons of use too. I am lovin it and I am embracing the bold pink colour. I could go on and on about all that I found to my liking. At some point I must draw the line. Did I say what my favourite was? Don't think so. Hmm, can I have more than one? I could maybe pick one now but it may change tomorrow. You decide for me ok?
  6. Best New Tool This one is easy. We R Memory Keepers new binding tool the Cinch. Never has there been a tool more aptly named. I love this tool and as a tool junkie, this one is for sure making it into my scraproom. WR has definitely thought this tool through. There is no real learning curve on this either. It is super easy to use with built on board guides to help you punch holes across your project perfectly without guesswork. The holes are round so that you can set their eyelets in to the holes if you wish to reinforce or add that finishing touch. You can select just what holes you want to use too. You just select if you want all holes in operation or you choose to use only some. Easy to disengage and reengage the holes in operation. The only thing wrong with this tool is that for the most part, it is not available until June. Be patient. It is worth waiting for. Check out the YouTube video to see just how cool this new tool is.
  7. Best Overall Collection This is going to come as a big surprise to many of you. This company has been around for a while and has had some good releases over the years. Not usually on my radar but I certainly have lots of their products in my stash and I can see bringing in a wee bit more. If I was going to pick just one collection as a favourite it must be the new 7 Gypsies collection. I am sure some of you may have fallen off of their chairs with this statement but I do think this was a very strong release. My friend Birute is a serious 7 Gypsies fan and I think she may be the most surprised by my choice as it is usually Basic Grey that I am going on and on about or perhaps My Mind's Eye. Both of these companies have strong collections and you know I have already put the spotlight on my favourite parts of their releases. I will most likely end up with all of it in my stash or I will be using them in many of the classes that I will be teaching, but... 7 Gypsies certainly rocked this time around. So why 7 Gypsies? Have a look at their 2010 catalog and the Avignon collection. Old World and timeless. Just the right amount of papers in the collection and the right amount of embellishments. Stores can bring the whole line in without breaking their budget and scrap artists can buy it all without breaking theirs. For those of you who like to make mini albums, they have done some awesome stuff with their binder rings. Scroll down to that section and see what is new. Now, I am going to take some of the credit for the fancy binder rings. Why? Well several months ago when 7 Gypsies was doing that weird thing by having celebrities get on board with their new Binderie Punch I had a conversation with the sales rep. I said "Dude, it is a hole punch. An expensive hole punch at that. If you are going to have a fancy hole punch then you need to have some really cool and different binder rings to support the product". So I gave him my suggestions and voila! LOL. Ok. It may be that great minds think alike and their design department was thinking the same thing but I am still taking the credit. See the dangley charms on the big clips, I was thinking those for the rings. Either way, the rings are cool and I just may need a few. If you follow any blogs and you haven't added 7 Gypsies blog to your list yet, then do it now. Then go to One Lucky Day and add these Gypsy girls blog to your list. Lots of inspiration to be had from these two blogs.
So, that was long. I spent most of the afternoon on this so I may be allowed to slide for a few days. Wait, no. I still have my class layout that needs to be posted. Needs to be finished too. Guess I better stop yacking and start creating. For those of you who really came here looking for the layout, it should be up tomorrow. February's class is filled with love but not in the sickening romantic Valentine's sort of way. Guess what. I am using Basic Grey's Origins to create the layout. I will just have to come back here again and blog some more and you will just have to come back and see this months layout.

By the way, feel free to ask me about any other products you are curious about. I just may have seen it and have an opinion.

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