Friday, January 6, 2012

The first week of January and I am off to a rough start!

So, I never get sick. Well rarely. Probably because I have cootie issues and tend to avoid sharing and if I must, I wash my hands frequently. I also tend to avoid sick people. Easily done when I work from home.
Well the cosmic forces must have been against me and getting a good start to putting my New Years resolutions into action. I got one humdinger of a cold this week. My only activity was on Wednesday as I had a date with 6 teenage girls to make a Smash Book type mini album and I couldn't let them down.
Thankfully Sudafed got me through the day but I totally crashed and burned when I got home. Slept most of Thursday and I am only now feeling marginally human.

That means absolutely nothing got accomplished this week. Bummer. I am not going to let that throw me too much off track. I am slowly getting the rest of my work spaces cleaned up and may be in a position to post pictures on the weekend. Send me some positive energy and I may even get a couple of layouts posted too. Right now I am off to Ikea for another Benno storage unit as I am out of space for my Sizzix dies and there soon will be more to store. I may even let Swiss Chalet cook for me tonight.

Hope you are having a better start to your New Year.

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