Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Years Everyone!

Well, another year hast passed and I don't know if I am older and wiser or just older.
I have a list this year of resolutions I intend to make and keep as I think it is time for some change.
Hopefully the world does not come to an end on December 21st and the diet and exerciser will all be for naught. :-) So I am optimistically moving ahead with less ice cream, breakfast in the mornings. lunches and dinners. That is right, no more skipping meals and snacking on junk. Who's with me on this?
That was resolution #1.
Number #2:
One thing I know for sure is there are definitely some drawbacks to working form home. The isolation tends to make one somewhat antisocial. I realized that I need to get out more and be with people, have conversations about other things other than scrapbooking and get involved more. Maybe I will even take some pictures to add to my scrapbooks. So another optimistic step forward... take pictures and print them (an important step as I usually only do the first one) and then paste them into my scrapbooks.
Number #3:
Clean all the junk out of my house! Yes, I think I may have some hoarding tendencies. Not enough to get me on the TV show but certainly enough to impact how I live in my space. Yesterday I started cleaning and purging my scraproom as I need to get rid of stuff I probably won't use and sort stuff I can use for classes etc. Hopefully I will find room for some of my work related product as soon there will be new and I need to do something with last seasons products. Hopefully the overflow that is in my hallway will all find a home or be sent to charity or ... I don't know, just out. My friend Joyce who often scrapbooks with me and keeps me motivated will not recognize "our" work space the next time she is over. There are no mountains of stuff on the floor and it is much easier to navigate the space. Now for the office. Hopefully I will find the floor in there too this week and I won't have as many excuses for not getting my projects accomplished for deadline.
Now if I could only get someone to take the lovely sofa bed out of my living room, I would be over the moon ecstatic. Anyone reading this that wants a good sofa with almost new mattress contact me. Free to whomever wants to pick it up and take it away.
Number #4:
Discipline myself to make a project every day, even if it is something small. Even with the purge I have enough supplies to keep me and all you who read my blog happy for a lifetime. Hopefully that will translate into more classes for you and some ideas for the retailers that shop through me.
Number #5:
Last but not least as I am sure I will add to my list of challenges for the year is make a art journal to record my efforts. I think I am going to use one of the 8x11-1/2 albums I have to record my journey. Anyone want to join me? Hopefully there is at least one other person out there who wants to set some goals for themselves and record their efforts. We can support each other and give each other the occasional push.
Let me know who is in.

Now I am going to finish my tea and get at finishing my scraproom as I have a class layout to finish and my smash book class to prep for as I have 8-10 gals this Wednesday morning and I want to make sure I am all packed and ready to go before dinnertime Tuesday night.

OK, another two goals..
Number #6. Get it done now, stop procrastinating, life is simpler and less stressful when you don't wait to the last minute to pack. You are less likely to forget things as well.
Number #7,
Post more to the blog. The odd comment will help this process as I often feel like I am talking to myself. :-)

Hope everyone has a healthy, happy and prosperous year.


  1. It feels like you were reading my mind with just about every one of your resolutions. I work outside the home so I enjoy the quiet and isolation when I am home.

  2. I'm reading this a little late due to my rocky start to the new year but you sound as if you have your work cut out.(pardon the pun:))I'd be thrilled if I could keep just ONE of those resolutions but I'm rootin' for ya! And yeah...I feel like I'm talking to myself when I blog too, but my customers assure me that they do read it, so who am I to argue? BTW...I picked up a Benno Tower at Ikea for my Sizzix dies and I'm LOVING it...thanks for the idea!