Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lost, the stamp or my mind?

I am pretty sure I bought this stamp.I have looked everywhere and can't find it. I seem to recall John and I at Mike's with a coupon and he helped me choose between this and another stamp. Is it possible that I have misplaced it or that I had a mature responsible moment and said to myself "nope, don't need it"?
Do Black Holes multiply? Only the ones in my head I think. I found the stamp after searching high and low for it. It was hiding in my other purse that was sitting on my hall bench. Now why wouldn't I think of looking for it there when it was the last purse I had in use? I did look in all my other purses even though I know I hadn't used them for months. Go figure.
What I learned again from this experience is that I am turning in to my mother. Her thing is keys and I do not recall her ever being able to locate her keys immediately. It is always a huge search and they are almost always in the purse she is using. Hmm, maybe it isn't us afterall but has it is something to do with evil purses.

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